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    she was always my fave

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  9. sparklingprincesslove said: oh wow! thank you so much! ill probably be talking to you quite often for the next few months. you're absolutely wonderful! xxx

    Thank you!! And you’re very welcome!! Message me anytime & stay strong! You’ve got this!


  10. sparklingprincesslove said: how do you stay positive while he's away? my bf just left last night for his first deployment. I'm both happy and sad. happy because its what he's always dreamed of doing, and sad because I'm not quite sure what to make of things.

    I know the first few days I was a bit mopey but then I realized time was moving and not sitting still. I just kept thinking every second apart puts us one second closer to being back together! I know people have probably told you “keep busy” but truly try and set goals for stuff to get done by a certain time frame. If you work that’ll definitely help the time pass, if not find things you like to do and do it often! I’m a sucker for reality tv shows, drama/ suspense shows and good movies. So I’ve watched a BUNCH of tv since I’m not working. I’ve made improvements around the house, I took a dental assisting course, and visited family! Hang out with friends, read positive blogs, find new friends and hobbies! Also I told everyone I knew I’d be in constant communication with not to tell me about whatever they saw/heard in the news or read somewhere online. Always remember, anything important will be given/told to family or whomever is listed as a point of contact for them. And honestly the time apart was difficult but now that he’s almost home and I look back it seems like “where did the time go?!”
    If you want to talk just let me know! Here for you!